Heritage & History

Since the 1655 British conquest of Jamaica, long established trade links between both sides of the Atlantic enabled colonial merchants to bring the best of the West Indies to the world.

Based in Jamaica and operating in all the British West Indies islands, the British & Colonial Merchants Company Limited has been importing and exporting goods and products from both sides of the Atlantic, from the British Isles to the tropical shores of the Caribbean islands.

The British and Colonial Merchants Company is mainly operating in the Rum, Sugar and Cocoa industries as well other commodities. Our company business scopes from managing historic sugar estates and exporting typical west indian goods, to importing products for the Caribbean markets, either for large retailers and supermarkets as well for brokers and individuals.

Reassuringly Traditional, Refreshingly Modern.

British & Colonial Merchants Company is a ninth generation, family-owned business with a long history of careful stewardship and responsible management. From the early days of the 1655' English conquest of Jamaica, and later its expansion in other islands of the West Indies, our business has remained focused on delivering our customers with quality products and services to the highest standards.

The Heritage & Conservation Department preserves a wealth of corporate historical documents, spanning from correspondence between the proprietors, our clients, as well the day-to-day management of the estates and the sugar, rum and cocoa export trade, from 1655 to present days. Most of the documents could be accessed upon request, by appointment only. 

With deep rooted values of stewardship and excellence, the firm has been driven forward and it is our express wish to carry on for the next centuries to come.

Since 1665 and counting...

British & Colonial Merchants Company' logo represents Britannia establishing the Pax Britannica throughout the Empire through trade and commercial exchanges.

Today, we remain deeply committed to recognise and respond to our responsibilities as corporate citizen in all areas of our business, especially by engaging fully in the public sphere, participating in industry and professional bodies and plays an active part in the wider communities within which we operate.