Import Export for Merchants

We proudly export the best of the West Indies to the world!

All our products are available for national and international exportation. Our team would work closely with your representative in order to ensure you would enjoy the best prices and preferred conditions.

We work with reputable shipping companies which could deliver your orders worldwide at very competitive costs, as we are also most happy to use the services of the alternative shipping company you may prefer to work with.

Our main objective is to provide our professional customers with quality products with flexibility and bespoke deals to ensure that both parties would find a mutual interest in having our relationship flourishing.

Shall you wish to discuss large orders or special requests, you may send an email at or call +1 (876) 613-9113, Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, GMT-5.

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Sourcing your order

We would source the goods and products  requested in your order from our warehouse as well our direct suppliers, always ensuring that they meet our highest standards.

Full export & import assistance

Our export team would assist you in getting all the customs paperwork right from the beginning and would provide you with reliable solutions to ship your orders.

Best Price Guarantee

We would ensure that you are getting the best rate possible for your order at the time of ordering as well to provide you with competitive pricing on a long-term basis to supply your business.

Bespoke solutions

We provide outstanding client service, with the highest standards of professional integrity to build enduring relationships of trust and confidence.


We offer high quality services, setting high standards for ourselves, striving continually for improvement and executing flawlessly.

Long Term

As a family-controlled business, we seek long-term relationships with our clients through deepening our contacts with them and taking a long-term view to deliver their interests. We are not constrained by short-term thinking or goals.

Call Now +1 (876) 613-9113 or email